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Help phone call issue...


Dec 11, 2009
can u help?!

first~ this has happened a few times~ after finishing a phone call, i go to hit the end button, and my screen stays black. ( i know that the screen has the sensor, so that is not the problem.) opening the phone and pressing keyboard keys, still a black screen.. pressing the power button, still a black screen .. hitting any of the 4 soft keys nothing happens (and there is no haptic feedback as normally get when pressing them..) i have to remove battery to fix the problem. anyone else with this issue?

second~ also happened a few times already~ mid phone call, the caller on other lnd suddenly cant hear me (by saying hello? hello? are you there?) so i pull phone away to see if i hit mute somehow by accident.. and rather than seeing the "in call" screen with the mute, bluetooth, speaker,end buttons,, i see the "just opened phone app" screen~ with the 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0 buttons and green "call" button..
does this mean the call was dropped? then why can i hear the person saying "hello? hello?" where did my IN CALL screen go?? and why is this happening!?

and lets throw in there that sometimes callers say that they hear their echo when talking to me. (dont know if the update has fixed that.. its possible it may have.. because b4 update it was not EVERY call, just some.. so i have to make a few more calls b4 I consider it fixed:D)

i LOVE my new droid, dont get me wrong, there are just a few quirks that are quite obnoxious, especially when directly related to phone calls ! its not like its a market app, its my PHONE... :eek:

the "dropped call" has happened to me on about 60% of my phone calls.... I even tried swapping out my droid and the new one is doing the same thing. When i called Verizon they were very helpful, but had absolutely no idea how to fix it. We opened some menu on the droid when I called and my droid said that I have not dropped any calls. If it helps I am located in Phoenix AZ. Has anyone run across any fix for this?
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I'm having the same problem where caller can't hear me anymore mid-call. Happens on just about every call. Returned my Droid for a new one and this one is doing the exact same thing. There is another thread on this forum discussing the same thing. Some think it is only happening to people with long hair and has something to do with the proximity sensor. Check the other forum thread on this which is much longer. Sorry I don't have the link.
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Not a permanent fix, but when in mid call, and the other person can't hear you, look at your phone. If the dial pad is open, hit the back button to the screen where the contact ID shows and they can hear you then.

I really hope they fix the problem because I shouldn't have to tuck my hair behind my ear to keep it working... that and the constant dropped calls... I'm getting frustrated but I really love the phone otherwise...
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Woops. I just posted this exact same thing on the main Droid page. Didn't even realize this thread existed.

I have very short hair - so if that's an actual theory I don't think it has anything to do with it. I have had the same issue for several days now on multiple calls. The only way I've fixed it is by hanging up and calling the person back.
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The same thing is happening to me. It's very frustrating when you're on a call and all you hear on the other end is "hello? hello?"... click. I have shorter hair, but my hair does cover my ears and I use my right ear. It happens on every single call I have when I have to hold the phone between my shoulder and cheek because I need both hands and do not have a bluetooth handy. Is there ANY workaround for this?
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