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Help Phone dropped in toilet

The rice will absorb the moisture. The worst thing you can do is to keep trying to use it before it is totally dried out. If it ever happens to you again, don't even try to use it. Take the battery out right away and let it dry out. You can also use those little silica packs (like come in shoes that say do not eat lol) and put those in there with the rice. Good luck. Hope you can save it.
P.S. A hair dryer can also help
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I had a girlfriend that had a bold two, she did the same thing at a bar, the phone dried out, and still worked, but only lasted for a half hour, I told her to get a new battery, and it was back to normal. These batteries are not waterproof, they will go bad when they get wet, anybody that tells you diffrent doesn't know, some have tiny vent holes, all you got to do is get the inside wet, and you destroy the internal materials, they get diluted, and weaken.
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