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Help Phone keeps auto dimming.

I just recently updated all of my apps and now my phone keeps auto dimming at random times. I used to have Dimmer (Night Mode) - by geekyouup and I thought maybe it was a malfunctioning app so I uninstalled it, but my phone is still doing it.

I have Auto-brightness turned off.
My screen Time out is at 1 min.
It happens when I'm not using the internet.
I will reset the brightness to a desired level and it will be fine as long as I don't lock my phone. As soon as I unlock my phone, it is liable to drop to the lowest setting at random times (usually within 5-10 secs). Actually, it can drop even when I don't lock it, but that usually doesn't happen.

If I have to reset my phone to factory settings I will, but what happens to my apps that I paid money for? Will I have to rebuy them? What about my stored music/pics? Will they be erased?


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