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Help Phone Says SMS Was Sent, But It Never Did..?


Aug 8, 2012
(This problem is only with SMS messages)

Ok, so I've had my phone for about a yr, and I've had problems with SMS messages, my phone'll just notify it wasn't sent. But, recently for about 2 weeks now, it's been failing to send messages, saying they've been sent but never going thru. Occassionaly, if I send a message over 160 characters, it'll also fail to send all of the messages. Last week, however, a failed message from 2 weeks ago was randomly finally sent. I have an Airave, and messages do have a better chance of going thru when I am NOT using it/in range of it. Still, this doesn't solve the problem completely bc the 1st apparent failed message I was talking about from 2 weeks ago was not sent around the Airave.

I've tried both Hancent and Go SMS Pro, and the problem still persists. I've also backed up and deleted the majority of my messages. I can't find a solution anywhere. Has anyone else had this problem and solved it (preferably without a factory/hard reset)?
in addition:

are you rooted?
do you use the stock message app or only 3rd party?
do you use google voice for any text messaging?
is google voice integrated into your handset with sprint?

could be network issues local to your area due to sprint upgrading its network. its worth a call into their support line to check on your zip code to see whats going on.
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