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Nov 26, 2011
Greenville, NC
So, I'm seeing some weird things. I constantly check my data usage. I have the 5 gig plan and went over. Yeah, that's a lot. Being dumb and never had mobile web this first. Back to business. They added another gig. No prob. It was at 785 MBs last night. I check it this morning and it had me at 1783. A whole addition gig. I had planned to go by at&t to look at this. I thought like with a computer, maybe I should restart it. I did and let it set off for about 30 mins and the counter went back to where it was. Not sure what happened, but restarting it shouldn't have done that. I leave my phone on all the time because us my alarm. I guess I need to restart it every night. I guess if you have problems, restart your phone and watch your data usage.
I use My Data Manager app along with Onavo and this tells me everything from the apps which use what amount of data to how much Wifi is used. Also like that it tells me when i install a potential data hog like Netflix or TuneIn so there are no surprises later on.


And btw you can use the data used function in settings to sync existing usage for the current billing period rather then waiting until the next cycle.
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