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samsung galaxy note lte

  1. T

    Help Device not turning on. What can be the possible fault after reading this?

    Its a Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 with Android 4.1.2 Jellybean . I was reading pdf file in Adobe Reader and suddenly the screen got froze and didn t respond to any touch command or button. The pdf file was still visible on the screen without showing any movement. It wasn't turning off as well so i...
  2. Harper 7

    Help Note 4 NOT European/UK model for use in UK.

    Hi, I'm hoping to buy a sim free Note 4 soon and am wondering if buying an SM-N910G - Singapore, India, Australia or SM-N910U - Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Chile for example would pose any problems for use in UK? They seem to be cheaper than the F (Europe) model and I'm wondering...
  3. J

    N900w8 claro PR.network

    Where to unlock cheap price?
  4. A

    Help help need with samsung galaxy note model info please

    i really need too know the model of this samsung galaxy note.. ive been searching for ages too find a replacement charger port and ordered two different samsung galaxy note II charger ports but they dont fit.. if someone could help me out it would be greatly appreciated
  5. M

    I need a JTAG Repair

    Hi! I bricked my galaxy note a while ago (16GB, LTE) after flashing a bad ROM. The zip was labeled for US AT&T but after looking at the files inside the ZIP, it was D2ATT files and that bricked it good. Is there anyone here willing to do a JTAG repair on my galaxy note?
  6. C

    How to edit APN settings on samsung-sgh-I717 with Consumer Cellular

    How to edit APN settings on samsung-sgh-I717 with Consumer Cellular I purchased this phone unlocked and use it with a CC SIM card. It worked fine in the beginning but after a call to Samsung support (unrelated issue) I can no longer send or receive text messages with photos.
  7. N

    Help Unlock Code

    Does antbody know where I can get an unlock code for a Samsung Galaxy Note 1 i-717?
  8. L

    Help The wrong baseband?

    Samsung is having me send my phone back to them I use the talk back feature because I am legally blind. I turn it off and on quite a bit about 5% of the time it will reboot my phone after replacing my phone for times they now tell me I have the wrong baseband how could this happen would this...
  9. T

    Help Change encryption password(s)

    I am trying to change the password I use when starting the phone. I have not lost my current password but simply want to change it. How is that done? Do I have to decrypt, then re-encrypt the phone? Rooted i717D running a JB rom Thanks, and sorry for the stupid question.
  10. C

    Help No Service

    I have an SGH_i717, I don't know if it's LTE or not, and I don't know how to tell. Anyway, I want to use it on Straight Talk. I've been on their BYOP program for a couple years now with no problems. I don't get any messages about invalid sim or anything, I simply have no service, no network is...
  11. N

    bad reception and internet is crappy

    I recently started using my att galaxy note lte on the new cricket service and has been a very bad experience especially since att now owns cricket. I have the worse reception I`ve ever had. I cant even watch a video on youtube. I can use the phone outside to talk but when im in the house its a...
  12. R

    Help S-Pen settings

    I bought the Galaxy Note mainly for s-pen. But now I'm a little surprised how limited the functionality is on s-pen. OR I don't know how to do what I want to do (I'm hoping its the latter). 1) How do I change settings so that the recognized text is converted into a font of my choosing? Say...
  13. T

    Help video screen shot???

    My husband bought a galaxy note 1 lte from someone last month and it broke. He really liked the phone so we went to amazon and bought him another one. One of the main things he liked was the camera button that he could press while watching a video that would take a screen shot. We got the new...
  14. T

    Help no air command and more

    can someone plz help me iv got a galaxy note 2 lte and iv updated to 4.3 official update (see pic ) and i dont have any of the note 3 apps is it only possible to get these extras with a custom rom cheers
  15. I

    order 7000mah battery for i717 to see how it could improve

    Because of my job I use my phone(AT&T Galaxy Note I717) a lot and sometimes it drains my battery like mad. I am curious how much it could improve so just ordered a 7000 extended battery several days ago. My only concern is going to be the added thickness.
  16. cougar214

    Root Signal problem

    Hey guys. I'm having major problems with my signal. Let me start at the beginning. Two weeks ago my phone started to act funny and the battery wasn't holding a charge. Then the charging port wouldn't make a connection. So I ordered a new battery and charging port. The battery came in a couple...
  17. cougar214

    Help Charging problem

    Hey guys. My phone has been acting strange for a couple weeks now. The most noticeable is my battery's charge. I will put it on the charger and have a full charge but when I use the phone I will be using it for maybe 10 minutes and suddenly my phone is shutting off. When I turn it back on it...
  18. F

    Cant enter recovery, SHV-E160k

    Hello guys Got samsung galaxy note shv-e160k (korean) I flashed stock official rom jellybean 4.1.2 (mc3) through odin Now its stucked on samsung logo for 15 min (common with samsung on flashing via odin, you have to wipe data from recovery to pass that but here comes the bad part) It...
  19. n2bowling

    Help How to restore factory settings on the Samsung Galaxy Note

    I'm Doing the restore thing: Can someone tell me about how long this process takes to complete? I pulled the battery and then held down the start/on-off button and got into the menu to put everything back to its default mode but after about 2 1/2 hrs its still at the "Android" splash screen...
  20. AngelicCore

    Help N9005 not running at 2.3 under load

    Hi. I was doing a restore today using titanium backup and while it was working I got bored and opened cpu z and was shocked. My note 3 was running at between 1.4 and 1.7 ghz only under almost full load ~95%. Screen shot: What's going on? Should I be worried? Stock n9005.. Just rooted
  21. B

    Root Periodic Android Maintenance ?

    Hi All I have a rooted Galaxy Note SGH I717 running 4.0.4 On my W7 laptop, I periodically re-install windows with an Acronis True Image backup (about every 6 months). This fresh install is a great way to get rid of all the unwanted tweeks and bugs that have mucked up laptop over the 6...
  22. skarface1988

    Google has announced 4.4

    Aka KitKat, I just like to share with everyone =)
  23. G

    Help tips? Help! I am going in circles

    I bought a Samsung Gal. Note sgh1717 while att wasy carrier. I had a small problem, so far back I can't even remember what it was. It wasn't the phone it was accounting. I was so frustrated I wound up paying them off just so I would never have to deal with them again. I went with T Mobile...
  24. N

    Unlocked Galaxy Note, AT&T and LTE

    Will an unlocked Galaxy Note get LTE (speeds) from AT&T provided I am in an area which has AT&T LTE coverage (which I do)? Thanks Neil
  25. cougar214

    Root Root help

    Ok. It's been awhile. I posted in the wrong section...lol. I want to root my Note 1 I717 with Jellybean 4.1.2. I know how to use Odin and such but I'm not sure if it still works with Jellybean because it was designed to work on ICS. So I don't know if the rooting and Roming methods have...