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Help Phone sends text messages to all contact numbers!


Aug 29, 2011
Hi, Names Damian.

Did a search on this topic, but found no answer.

I have a few contacts where i have a home phone and cell phone number stored.

When i send a text message to said contact(s), the phone sends it to all of the numbers. Is there anyway i can set a specific number for each contact to send texts to?

This is annoying because i later get texts saying "thanks for using landline!"...

Are you sure you have that persons cell number added as a Mobile number?

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No joke. Step by step.

->messaging icon
-> new message
->"to" put in multiple contacts
->contact A, B, C, D
->"message area"
->send icon

Contacts A, B, C, D all have a mobile and home phone number.

Once message is sent, i get an auto reply from number 5264, "Your message was successfully delivered to an answering machine or voicemail at XXX-XXXX. Thanks for using Text to Landline!"

How can i set a default text messaging number?
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I don't believe you sir. lol
even if a # is set as a home or work when u sms
you select the #'s it goes to.
i could put countless #'s under a name but typing that
name is only going to show that list from which u selecy
which to text.
unless you are running the SNAFU rom then please
send it to me I'd love to check it out
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