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Phone shows "no internal storage left"

Dec 15, 2018
I have an LG Stylo 2.

It started showing "no internal storage left". I keep this phone cleaned out, I don't have many apps on it, and I barely use it as anything but a texting device.

I've cleaned out all the items, files, and pics I don't use or need anymore. Moved some to the SD card and deleted the rest.

Cleaned out as much of the cache as possible as well, and turned off functions I don't use and will not delete.

The phone still shows "no internal storage left", and now its running very slow.

Is there a way to fix this?
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16 gb ROM is just not enough nowadays. I had the OG Stylo and loved it but I started running out of space.

What are the 3 or 4 major apps you have on it? Social media apps?

I would Backup Everyhing First then factory reset as that clears out any other junk that may still be there and will help clear more space,

Keep it all stock. Don't use themes or fancy wallpapers or any third party apps for texting or email. If possible don't even use email on your phone. Keep that empty if you can.
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yep 2 gigs of ram and 16 gigs of storage is nothing these days. your phone came out in 2016. the average lifespan of most phones these days are 3-4 years so you are waaaaaaaay past that. so i'm not surprised. you also will start to see apps on your phone either stop working or become very buggy as support for the app stops. also you will start to have issues with your battery. fortunately yours is removable. new phones do not offer this any more.

factory reset as @tube517 suggested.....but i'd start to look for a new phone at some point.
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I use this phone for basics only. I don't do social media, there are no games on it. I have 10 apps, which are all I use, and are all personal business, but none of which have any useable info related to them.

I use it for calls (which is rare), texts, and letting me know when I have emails. Thats it.

And I don't have $1,000 to buy a new phone. Phone prices are freeking ignorant and ridiculous.
I hate LG anyway, it's been a piece of crap the entire time I've had it, as have been the other brands I've had over the years. The only other brand I've had that was worth having is WAY out of my price range nowadays.
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How about posting some screenshots of your storage use? Phone Settings are not always very clear on what is using the space, but it will be easier to see whether there is anything that can be done if we have some information other than "it says it's full".

I don't accept that a 4-5 year old phone should be expected to slow down, but 16GB internal storage (which is probably no more than 10GB available to you after the system partitions are accounted for) was very minimal even in 2016, so you will have to struggle to keep even very light usage going with that. But if you've managed until recently I hope there's something can be done, once we've some idea what it using the space.

P.S. Just in case, you do know that "/sdcard" is not the SD card but is part of the internal storage - it would be a long story to explain where this comes from (I'm on the record as saying that Google should have dropped this historical anomaly long ago, even if it means breaking a few apps whose developers haven't updated since 2011). I'm not 100% sure what the path to the actual SD card would be on that phone. Please don't be offended if you are well aware of this, I'm just making sure.
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As an avid user of 'poop' phones, let me toss a wrench into this mix.

My devices are no better than yours, as far as specs go, and yet I am not having these issues.

You say that the apps you have on the device have no real important info, correct?

If so, this is good.
Because what I am going to suggest is the installation of at least one app, and possibly more if need be.

All that you need to free up is about 30MB for an app that should work great on your device.

So pick an app that you can easily rebuild, and remove it to make some room quickly.

With any luck, you will gain loads of space and be able to put the app right back again.

Luckily, I can provide a link to an older version of an app that I use- that should mesh perfectly with your device.

Keep in mind that cleaner apps have horrid reputations, and I only offer this one because it has no ads and that because of the age of your device the features of this app should prove extremely useful.


The cleaner and the duplicate finder are the most important, and the file manager will order things by size for you.

This app will allow you to see what is taking space, and delete as you wish.

Tap on any item to load it, to see if you really want to delete it.

Things like thumbnails kill memory space on devices like yours and mine.

If it turns out to be masses of thumbnails, let me know, and I will describe how to keep them from coming back.
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