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Help Phone speaker/earbud problems


Jun 2, 2012
My wife and I both hqave Bose QC20i noise cancelling earbuds. They are meant for ther iPhone, but until recently they were fine on our Androids. However after installing Sanity, a phpne appthat auto-answers among other things, both phones have started acting weird.

My phone simply does not recognise the earbuds at all when I plug them in. It just keeps playng through its speakers, sometyimes intermittently. If I remove the buds' plug, the speaker sometimes turns on and off randomly. My wife's buds work sometimes.

On my wife's phone, if I plug in my buds, I get a continuous rapid chugging noise at full volume, although I can hear music in the buds. My wife's buds on her phone chug for maybe 5 seconds then all seems normal.

Both sets of buds work fine on our Android tablets, which do not have sanity installed. MNy AudioTechnica noise cancelling buds work on both phones, but are nowhere nearly as good as the Bose for my usage.

One of the things Sanity does is allow the speaker to turn on and off automatically if your ear is not near the pbone, just as the screen does on most phones. I suspect that this may be the problem. I have uninstalled Sanity on my phone and even factory reset it, but that did not work. I notice that the reset, while it lost all my data, was still popping up passwords, so it's not a complete job it would seem.

Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Any help appreciated.



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