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Help phone will not charging fully and acting funny


Apr 21, 2012
ok my phone wont charge right i plug it in and it charges for about 5 seconds and then not charges and charges again, also if i try ti cut it off and charge it cuts on by itself and charges for about 5 seconds stop charging and then charges again, i have a virgin mobile white galaxy s2 it currently has no roms on it i have already factory rested it got new charging wires and battery, dose any one else has this problem i really dont want to downgrade my phone and work my way back up to an galaxy:( o and i am on jelly bean 4 1 2 offical
I assume that you have a similar issue when you try to connect the phone to a PC via USB?

Sounds like some sort of connection issue. Given you've already changed the cable and battery, I'm going to guess it's the USB port on the phone.

Might be worth taking a close look at the port to see if there's any loose dirt in there that you could - very delicately - remove. I had a problem with my headphone jack that I fixed by carefully removing a bit of dirt from the port.

If there's no loose dirt, then it could be the USB port is damaged in which case the phone's going to need to go in for a repair. Not sure if that would be covered by the warranty, but you never know ..
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