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Help Photo Thumbnail Gallery problems


Oct 30, 2010
Hi all

Hoping someone can help - I've used these forums loads of times to solve my issues but never needed to actually post!!

HTC Desire on Froyo, unlocked phone.

For a while now the thumbnail gallery has sometimes merged pictures - so on the thumbnail it's actually a combination of more than 1 picture. This hasn't really bothered me until recently because the more pictures I take the worse it's getting, so much so that I can't always tell which picture I'm going to be looking at until I actually select it. In every case the picture views correctly on the screen when I view them one at a time, it's just a problem with the thumbnails.

I've attempted to clear the gallery cache which made it appear slightly better but not by much.

I've checked the DCIM / .thumbnails folder but there's just loads of files in there saying file and RAW file and to be honest I don't know what it's all about.

I've trawled the net and checked the forums but cannot seem to see a solution - does anyone know what I can do in order to solve this? :thinking:

Many thanks in advance

I noticed this problem on less than 1% of my pictures but you're right, it's annoying. I too deleted my thumbnails and let the system recreate them the next time I went into the directory. This fixed all of the existing errors, but different pictures (well, just one this time) had the same type of problem. So, I tried opening that "mixed thumb" picture...I rotated it left, then back right, then backed out....presto. Fixed. Now I don't know how many of these files you're having trouble with so fixing them individually might be a pain but it gets the job done, and still faster than deleting and recreating them all. This basically forces the system to recreate just that one thumb. Good luck!
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