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Help Photos in contact list


Dec 14, 2010
Hi. I bought my x8 a week ago and it came with 1.6. I upgraded to 2.1 update 1 and now i can't see pictures next to name in the contact list. Already searched and looked in the option screen. I didn't sync with facebook or anything like it, just took the photos and added to contact.

Is it not available anymore in 2.1 or i am just not finding where it can be turned on?

If you mean in the A-Z scrollable list, there is no picture there on the X8's unlike for example the X10 where you do have a thumbnail.

When I upgraded I had my contact pictures back when I resynced the phone with google who I use for contact storage.

The only thing I can suggest is if you have the pictures still on your sd card can you reset them as a contact picture but I appreciate this is a bit of a faff for you.
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