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pictures are grayed out - cannot attach to Messages

Pedro Vera

Dec 17, 2014
I have two almost identical phones:
1. Android 11, build RZBS31.Q2-143-27-7 (does not allow attach pictures, described below)
2. Android 11, build RZBS31.Q2-143-27-4 (does allow attach pictures)
The problem phone also has more recent "Android security update", "Google Play system update" and "Kernel version".

I am trying to use Messages app to send a picture to a contact.
1. Open message app
2. tap on existing conversation with contact
3. tap on paper clip.
4. It shows 'Recent', but with 'no items'. I have to navigate to SD card -> DCM -> camera
(this looks like it does not know that I have an SD card).
5. all of the pictures are grayed out and I cannot select any.

How to fix? It used to work. Though, I did not used to have to navigate to camera: it was the default view. I am not sure what changed. How to get back to that?

Permissions for Messages app:
Camera: Allow only while using the app
Contacts: Allow
Files and Media: Allow access to media only
Microphone: Allow only while using the app
Phone: Allow (but grayed out)
SMS: Allow

The Messages app is the default SMS app.

For the Camera app settings: Save settings is set to Storage - SD card.

The attachment is an example of the grayed out pictures.


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Besides pictures, there are several folders on the SD card. I backed up the whole thing to a folder on my Windows desktop. And also used Google to backup the phone. I have an app that backs up SMS messages and call history.

I do not know what was wrong, but I reset the phone to factory settings and then the attach of pictures in Messages app worked correctly. After that, I restored from Google, from my Windows backup, and then restored SMS messages. It seems to be back to normal.

This is actually the girlfriend's phone, so I have to wait for feedback about anything that I might have overlooked.
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