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PIM app : Agenda Pro


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Jan 28, 2010

after Pure widgets, I'd like to create a full agenda/PIM application.

what kind of features do you expect.
Please give priority order to your requierements.

I think I'll be able to start this new dev quickly.

For me the most important :
+++ a good reminder management (silent periods, repeat, popup ...)
+++ a good month/week/day view
++ tasks view (interface with Astrid / gTasks)

Where does your experience come from ?
What app should I have a look to have ideas ? (Pocket Informant, Agendus, what else ?)

Put screenshots to explain what you what.
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developement started !

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I come from a Palm background and while I don't use a PIM intensively, I'd love to see these 4 things:
- An alarm AT the time of an appointment, not just pre-appointment reminders
- Programmable reminder alarm that will sound every X minutes until it's turned off, both before and after the appointment time
- Something back-up-able to the SD card so that if a full reset of the device is needed, you can re-load in the calendar
- Something searchable by an all-device searcher (i.e. the search will look through contacts, notes, AND the calendar)

Hope that's the kind of stuff you're looking for!
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If we could see something even remotely like Agendus or DateBk, I would be very happy. My experience has been with Psion (still the best Agenda program I've ever used), Palm, WinMo and iPhone.

The main things I'm looking for are:

View flexibility: Day, Week, Upcoming, Month and Year views with full functionality as regards scheduling/alerts in all views except year view.

Alert functionality: I like the ability to schedule alerts, including email and text alerts, and the ability to dismiss/snooze alerts.

Highlighting: I like the ability to highlight certain events to make them stand out on the screen, for example, being able to color an event, or mark it with an icon. Automatic highlighting like Agendus does is really great (if the event description contains the word birthday, the event is automatically marked with an icon of a birthday cake).

Integration: it's nice to be able to click on the where field and be taken to Google Maps, or to click on a phone number in an event to dial that number. I would also like to see contacts integrated in with Agenda Pro.

Search: let me search all fields of events, including location, contacts, etc. without having to leave Agenda Pro.

That's probably plenty for now :).

Thanks for soliciting feedback; your widgets are very highly thought of, so I look forward to seeing Agenda Pro evolve.

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Everything (all attributes) must be able to sync somewhere and be easily restored/synced back if I had to replace the phone.

I'd love to have it fully backed up to the SD card, too.

I was on a business trip with my Treo last summer and the thing flaked out on me, and I didn't have my laptop or desktop along. Thankfully I was able to restore contacts and calendar from a backup made to the SD card.
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I manage a small (4 person) department. I keep their agendas on my phone.

It sure would be nice to color-code the entries based on keywords. I miss being able to do that like I could on my Palm devices.

That way I could see which person was involved in what activity at a glance.

BTW, I'm also a Pure Grid purchaser.

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Looks good.

One thing I liked about PocketInformant in the WM world was each view (month, week) would show you the detail below.

So if I was looking at a month, and I clicked on a day....all appointments in that day would be shown in a window at the bottom.

If I was looking at a day, and I clicked on an event/appt, the details would be shown in a window at the bottom.

This allowed me to quickly see and find what I needed.

I really miss that in the Android environment.

BTW...I'm a PM/BA and would be happy to help with testing :D

developement started !

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I've read conflicting articles stating that Google has an open platform and others (I believe from Iambic's website) stating that Google will not open its API for Calendar and Tasks, in effect making integrated programs like Agendus very limited in scope and functionality.
Koxx, is this true and if so are you finding these issue to be a hinderance to the development of a true PIM replacement?
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Is this project still alive/in development?

I'd love to find something with functionality like DateBk6 on my Palm.

In particular I miss Advances (seeing an appointment 'teased' on my calendar x number of days before it actually occurs - good for e.g. birthdays or meetings requiring preparation, etc.), flexible snoozes, and user-defined templates. I miss categories too.
And, personally, I'm not interested in syncing to the 'cloud'. I'd rather sync to my desktop - Outlook if need be (at least it's kinda universal)

Hope the project is alive - I'd love to check it out.
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As others have commented, I want something like my Psion Agenda featuring:

  1. To do lists that can be viewed in the calendar.
  2. Repeating to dos and events with every permutation you could want.
  3. Cross out todos when done.
  4. Display a To do "x" days in the agenda before it is due.
  5. Prioritized to dos.
Are you still planning this PIM app?
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To those of you posting that you want something like datebk, note that the author of datebk has just come out with a calendar for Android, called pimlical. (screenshots here)

Others to look at (both for Koxx and for others reading this thread wishing for good calendars) include Calendgoo, Business Calendar, and Pocket Informant. All three have betas out.

My feature wish list:
  • Fast date and time picker...see PI and Calengoo for good examples.
  • Searchable using the search key
  • Sync options--active exchange sync or google calendar sync or usb sync with outlook.
  • Full featured repeat options without bugs. This week I'm on vacation and have been trying deleting single events in series (since my weekly meetings aren't happening) and the only calendar that has done that with no bugs was the stock calendar. But it's pretty limited in the options for setting up new repeating events.
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