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Pixel 7 Pro - connect to TV

Putting Pixel on a side for moment, the description of the above cable mentions S20/21/22. Does that mean Samsung phones do work? About Chromecast. Hi Res sound is not going over the air. At least how I understand it
I am trying to get Hi Res music from my phone to my Home Theater. If it would work with TV I was going to try connecting it to a receiver.
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Does your TV support chromecast? Many tv's don't, unless you have Android/Google TV native, or a streaming device that supports chromecast.

This is the only way to do it with a pixel. iPhone uses airplay and other android phones use miracast, etc.
i think you just mean casting. chromecast is a google product that you insert to one of the hdmi ports on your tv. its like a amazon firestick. casting is when you cast something from your phone to the tv wirelessly......and yes your tv needs to support this.
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