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Pixel Wireless Charging


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Jun 12, 2010
A few weeks ago I noticed the battery on my Pixel 4XL was almost dead even though the phone had been sitting in the wireless charging cradle overnight. (Anker, not the stupid Google one ;) ) After repositioning it a few times and failing to get it to charge, I assumed the battery had begun it's death spiral.

While googling replacement batteries, I ran across a lot of information about how the March security update screwed up wireless charging on Pixel 3 or later phones. It was the usual chatter in Google support forums ... "Google sux, Pixel sux ... EVERYTHING sux and i'm getting an iPhone."

And the responses from Google were typically non-committal and dismissive.

"Thank you for contacting Google support. We know we effed up your super expensive phone, but you'll never catch us admitting it, so perform these 37 diagnostic steps to prove they are ineffective -- that is if you don't catch on that step 21 will loop you back to step 2 indefinitely. We appreciate your gullibility patience."

Anyway ... I pop in every now and then to see if there is any movement on the issue and i come across people claiming that the June update fixed the issue. Of course there were also others who had the June update but still had the problem. I was one of them. :(

I also saw some claiming that it had to be software/firmware related because if they shut the phone off they could charge it wirelessly, but when on it didn't work.

I powered off my phone and left it on the charger. This morning it was still fully charged. And, when I turned the phone on, it continued to hold the charge, so I think it might be fixed for me.

Any other Pixel owners having the same problem?
Sooooo, have you tried to charge the device again?

It is possible that this was a one-off kind of issue, but it could also be a continuing PITA.

If you like to leave your device on while charging (who doesn't?) and the issue happens again, go into developers options and see what is running.
Perhaps you can find a reason that the charger cannot keep up with the power used by the device.
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I always keep my phone on the charger when not in my pocket. Bad practice? Probably. Convenient (aka lazy)? Yep. After the March "update" the phone refused to charge to 100% on any wireless charger. If it was below 70% (I think ... maybe 60%) it would slow charge for a while but at around 82% it would stop and continually wake the phone up. If I left in on the charger over night it would be drained to about 25%. I have to admit that during the months between March and June I only tried wirelessly charging with the phone off once, and that was early on when I thought it was the battery.

We're 48+ hours since it started working again and it sits happily on the charger holding a 100% charge. I did not update anything only shut the phone off, charged it wirelessly (which worked this time) and powered the phone back on.

Call me an optimist, but the glass is half full.
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Sounds like you got lucky!

The turd that is my every day driver will not charge fast enough when I am using it- unless it already has +90% charge.
At that point it will keep up and even gain slowly.

I attribute this to having the brightness all the way up (a must in the car or at work) and having a horrible cellular service with the weakest signal strength.
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