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Please find/make another board for the Nexus One

Please stop posting on the Nexus One here. Petition the mods/admins to open a new board. To the best of my understanding Nexus One =/= Bravo, Passion, or Dragon. This has confused too many people about what is going on.

yes, the pictures are NEARLY identical to the original unlockr photo of the the so-called passion. the naming was wrong. nexus one is not "what the passion actually is"

I really would like to know the current details on the Passion, PassionC, Bravo, and or Dragon. It is impossible to find them while trying to wads through all the Nexus news.
I asked the admins about this days ago, they said they would work on it.
It wasn't until recently that they even had a name to call the new forum.

I notice they even moved all the threads with "Nexus" in the title to the new board... nice. Let's make an effort to maintain the housecleaning they did for us. ;)

Unfortunately it sort of makes this board obsolete since it turns out Passion IS nexus one.
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