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Root Please Help Me!! Urgent!


Jul 12, 2010
I was trying to root my phone using the guide on these forums and when I trired going into recovery mode I got a screen that says "Downloading... Do not turn off Target!!!" I don't know what to do. I was never taken to the recovery mode or anything. I am scared to even touch my phone right now. Please help me!
You went into download mode instead of recovery mode...

Since you aren't sending the phone any data, I would pull the battery to power it off. It should boot normally. From there you can try to boot into recovery again.

Holding down on the volume rocker while powering up should put you in download mode. Holding down and up on the volume rocker while powering up should put you in recovery mode.

Let us know how it goes...
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i did the same thing thing initially, no big deal, battery pull and while the phone is off hold volume key and power, when att 3g comes on let go of power and hold volume, you will see the menu and continue the steps from there. Quite easy as long as you put the file in the root of sd card. Happy rooting
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