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Help Please help me with getting music AND playlists onto my EVO!


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Jul 21, 2010
I have tried the stock player, Doubletwist, 3cube music players and methods to get music and playlists onto my EVO.

Doubletwist was the only one that worked but it is too slow! It takes almost an hour to sync 500 mb's of music to the phone!

I tried itunesmywalkman and that was just as bad!

The end result is I just want to be able to put my playlists from iTunes on and off my EVO and have a GOOD music app actually read and populate my playlists! I'm pretty tech savvy and I can't figure this out!

BTW, i'm using an iMac and I have over 40,000 songs.
I'm not sure that the default media player on the phone will read an m3u playlist. You should try what you're talking about and if it doesn't work then maybe search the market. There are many media players in there but I have never understood the point of downloading one since I think the stock media player works great. I don't have any playlists though -- I just listen to an album at a time (skipping the tracks I don't like). If I get bored then I switch to another album.

There is an option to add playlists, so maybe it will handle existing ones from other locations as well. If you open the media player app and then tap on the button on the bottom left (it looks like an equivalence symbol -- much like an equal sign but with 3 bars instead of 2), then tap the middle icon on the bottom of the screen (the paper with the play button on it). Do the playlists show up there? If not, maybe Android just doesn't handle m3u playlists, or maybe that media player doesn't.

I would suggest you start looking around google to see if anyone has a definitive answer for this.
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