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Help Please help

hello i have this phone and well ..... I want to know let say if i take a pic through the camera and well let say i want to send it to a friend in a message ... when i do so ... even trying to make it smaller. It wont let me send it .... like it will act like it and say the little envelop with the clock but it wont send .... Also if someone is sending me a pic .. it wont let me download ...it say downloading but it wont do it .. so ..

DOES ANYONE KNOW OR HAVE HAD THIS HAPPEND... to them please help ..thanks
I think a lot of people has been getting that lately and I think its mainly because of the messaging app theyre using.. I think it was like Go SMS or Chomp SMS. I forget which one it was..

I recommend downloading Handcent and using that as your default messaging app.
Im using it and I LOVE IT.
Give it a try.

Handcent SMS
by handcent_admin
>250,000 downloads, 265747 ratings (4.5 avg)
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