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Please Please Help! Serious Market Issue


Jan 18, 2011
Gingerbread bricked my phone, but fortunately, Best Buy Black Tie gave me a newly refurbished Shift Pre-Gingerbread. That's great, but I have a serious app issue. I had 50 plus apps on my phone before it bit the dust. When it bit the dust, I lost the G-Mail account those apps were related to. Since I don't use G-Mail, I don't know what that acct. username was. I only used it that first day to set things up. Right now, when I try to re-populate my desktop, the Android Market sees me as a new user and won't let me re-download my previous purchases without paying again. You would think that using either my mobile phone #, or my credit card number, neither of which have changed, that I could straighten this out, but the Android Market really has no support other than this forum. I am a retiree on a pension, and I simply can't afford to re-purchase. I would be tremendously grateful for your help.:(
It is frustrating, 330D. You and I both know that if I could speak to a live person, or even send an e-mail to Customer Service for the Android Market, someone could give me the info in an instant. Unfortunately, I can't seem to get past forums. When I called Google customer service, they would only talk to me if I wanted to advertise on Google. If anyone has real contact info, please let me know.
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