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Root **PLEASE READ** Bobzhomes rom

I'm not quite sure if the bobz on this forum is the real bobz or not but ive noticed he hasnt posted any updates but i found this forum and it has the exact same post with the exact same words. And their ROM is 100% working. Here is the link CyanogenMod 10 Motion - PlayfulDroidz Wiki

Its not 100% working but thank you for this.
And most of us already know about this , because its been posted multiple times in the cm10 thread. But thank you!
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Bobz is the real bobz, hes been here for awhile and worked on many other devices. The man has a life just like all the other devs, so you really cant expect updates to be given everyweek. After all rom development isnt his job. As stated that other forums is PlayfulGods forums and there two different CM10. But as it seem PGs CM10 seems a bit more stable.
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