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PLZ fast help!!! which phone should i get ? I am without phone now


Jul 20, 2013
plz plz I need fast help
which phone should I get ( i need fast phone with fast wifi with almost no lags )
sony Xperia Z or HTC one X
I was planning tp get note 2 but i think its processor is not as fast as these to phones. right ?
and if you have any better choices plz suggest
Regards :*
are you on contract or prepaid? What carrier and what location?
It is sort of like real estate, location is the first three factors, with towers/coverage factored in. If i had to go contract, then htc one. I have unlocked pantech burst and flex on prepaid att/lte. Also have htc one and samsung victory lte on prepaid sprint networks. i have two phones active and two spares. Lot more flexibility on prepaid instead of contract prison.
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