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Root plz help rooted samsung admire


Dec 20, 2011
Hi i rooted my samsung admire an it was workin fine til i shut it off one day now when i try an turn it on it will flash between the home screen an the samsung logo an it vibraites but when i press the volume down+power button+back button an have it plugged in it will worik for a few minutes then it wiil start doing the logo thing an vibrating thing plz help me
Some one plz help me

Where did you get the information, to have the phone plugged in, when you did that three button combination to hard reset the phone. I don't remember reading that anywhere, and when I recovered my phone from a boot loop, the phone was not plugged in.

So, try it without the phone being plugged in, starting with phone off after a battery removed and reinserted.
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I'm no expert, but what I did following someone's posted directions, worked for me.

Make sure that the phone has battery.

Follow the hard recovery, three button technique.
Does it enter a recovery mode?

If so, continue. If not, idk.

To Try to recover

Use the up and down volume key to scroll.
Use the home / back button to enter

I first did option one, and it did not fix the problem
Second I did option 3, and the phone recovered.
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we need a custom flash and custom recovery fo this before i try to root this baby------ if any one knows a way or finds this i will be so happy .............................. :)

I rooted 3 admires so far and had 0 issues. Install superuser prior to doing root instructions and bingo. I am running windows 7 + i installed the flash 11.0 with no issue either. Root explorer, titanium pro, link2sd, cachecleaner for root users, also installed.
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