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Poltreder, private and secure photo sharing to preserve your privacy


May 23, 2018

I love taking photos or videos with my mobile, but I don't trust cloud providers to share my medias with my friends regarding privacy issues, and I don't feel comfortable when sending my photos by emails. Anyway, sending large videos by emails is impossible. I am also very frustrated by the Private Share application by Samsung which is limited to only some Samsung devices.

So recently, I have developed a mobile application to let users share photos and videos securely while preserving their privacy. It works for all Android devices, Samsung or not, all devices will Android >7.0

Poltreder allows you to share your photos and videos without storing them in any cloud server to preserve your privacy. Sharing is secure and end-to-end encrypted between mobile terminals, and photos or videos are transferred directly from device to device (P2P) without any intermediate server. No matter if you and your friends are not in the same network or in the same location. You can share anywhere with your friends. Only your friends have a copy of your photos and videos, but they cannot access them to save elsewhere (screenshot is also disabled). It's time now to regain control of your content! Your data privacy is the main concern of the Poltreder application. Imagine Poltreder as the Signal of Instagram!

I just released the application one week ago. So this is a very new application.

You can install Poltreder from Google Play:


Please feel free to comment or ask for any support. Bug reports are also helpful for me to improve the application.

Please for considering my post. Thanks


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