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Help Poor Battery Life.. 3 hours SOT (Screen on time)


May 7, 2015
Hey guys, first post here...

So in the past year, I have been through two Moto G 2014's. The first one had to be returned due to it not recognising sim cards. I absoloutely adored the battery life, and remembered that I was getting around 4+ hours of SOT.
On my second Moto G however, I have noticed considerably worse battery life. I have tried many things to fix it such as wiping cache, turning off data, disabling un-used sync's etc etc... I will consistently get about 1h25m screen on time out of 50% battery. I have noticed when charging, after taking the phone off charge, the first 5% battery will drop rapidly...
Basically, I'm stuck. I am seeing users on the internet getting 5 hours SOT and it's making me dislike my G. It's a great phone and I want to love it, but these battery issues are making me dissapointed, especially since the first G was great.
My phone useage is very light, I only use it for SMS, Facebook Messaging and Google Play Music. I might often update an app or so every day. My battery usage is showing the screen taking up the most battery, but not much. I also leave my screen on adaptive brightness with it set to 80% maximum. I have no wakelocks.

Is there anything I can do? Or just wait for the 3rd Gen to be released...


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