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Root PORT : Saber Pac Rom 4.4.4 LG L90


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Jul 1, 2012
Greenville,SC USA


Any Issues Original Device Rom Had Have Been Resolved In Our Port.​


This Rom Combines A Solid Pac Rom Port With The Fixes Implemented To Fix Camera Green Tint,Video Recording And Other Items​

Whats working?​

Data 3/4G LTE
WiFi Hotspot
Video Recording
Video Playback HQ
Everything Else Not Listed Below As Far As I Can Tell​


Typo Stating LG L9 Instead of L90 When Flashing​

Whats Not Working?​

USB Tethering.. Doesn't Seem To Be Working In Most Of Our Stuff. Use A Third Party App Like PDANet​

Maybe other minor things..don't know. You Tell Me.​


hadidjapri original rom port for the lg l 90​

whoshotjr2006 for base cm11 with green tint fix,hq video,etc repaired by tom 1957​

hash brown for testing buggy build that had failed torch,incorrectly mapped home button,external sdcard not showing,keyboard crashing,build before posting to testers had no data,crashed systemui when attempting to fix data with apn fixers,other...​


Download rom,google apps package if you want to use google apps and the apn fix for your carrier attached below,reboot to recovery,wipe dalvik-cache,cache,data and internal storage,flash the rom,then flash gapps package if you want to use google apps,then flash appropriate apn fixer for your carrier boost or virgin mobile (downloads for the carrier fixes are below in attachments),reboot and enjoy.

- Both Roms Contain Fixes For -​

Touch Buttons Lag In Dialer During Calls​

Touch Button Lag Waking Device​

Removed Unsupported Touch Init.d Scripting And It's Settings In Init.d Options​

Removed Outdated Yahoo Weather And It's Settings In Notification Drawer Options​

- Pac Rom Alternate -​

Alternate Music System - Walkman Music With Equalizer​

Alternate Keyboard - Xperia Z2​


Google Apps​

Screenshots Of Rom Using CM11 Cobalt Theme​

Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-37-31.png Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-37-47.png Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-37-53.png Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-37-57.png Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-38-03.png Screenshot_2016-01-22-07-38-11.png


  • Universal_Boost_APN_Fix-R2.zip
    177.7 KB · Views: 419
  • Universal_VirginMobile_ApnFix-v.R2.zip
    173.4 KB · Views: 337
  • Sprint_APN_Fix.zip
    150.9 KB · Views: 1,039
  • RingPlus_4.4.zip
    121.7 KB · Views: 410
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Been working on it for a day or two. Wasn't to difficult to resolve the issues it had. Probably the weirdest thing to fix was home button trying work like a cursor. Oh and the weather option in PAC settings does not work. Difference between CDMA and gsm which this was ported from. Not even close to a deal breaker. I may be able to resolve it by decompiling services.jar and finding the issue. It could be bad yahoo weather links as well...that's whybit didn't work in slimbean for the one v. So will see.
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Aside from the green tint, this ROM is sweet so far. PAC has always been one of my favorites.

not sure which device model you have but for most the green to tint is gone. but there are a few unlucky owners who still have the tint. only certain models seem to still have it. seems lg cheaped out on production models the longer the device was out. looking to cut corners. had an old lg optimus v that had a green tint when others didn't and a previous optimus v didn't. looked it up and they cheaped out on the camera component in later model releases.
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yeah its the quick settings panel weather. its controlled by services.jar if I recall correctly. either its trying to use dead yahoo weather feed links or itscthe gsm vs CDMA problem. both should be able to be fixed in same jar file. although I hope its just the gsm CDMA issue. that's a quick fix...the yahoo feed stuff is more of an issue.
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Curtis how does this Pac Rom compare to the ZV6 V.5 Stock Mod - Debloated - No Gapps ROM? Reason I ask is looking for a daily driver for wife's LG Volt that just works flawlessly and reliably in every day use so I dont get requests for help all the time. Tried BlissPop and didnt care from some of the broken things in it.Does this ROM do any better than ZV6 V.5 Stock Mod - Debloated - No Gapps ? Im not a gamer and always use black for wallpaper so dont really care about themes stuff that much. Does this ROM offer any battery improvment or better features than ZV6 V.5 Stock Mod - Debloated - No Gapps ?

Oh and she's on RingPlus would I need an APN fix if so which one?
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Okay so I flashed the rom in OP and other necessary zips. Got to boot, tried to unlock 4 times - no go. Finally unlocked, after settling in. (Kept going back to lock screen.)
Keyboard (AOSP) still force closing, even after adding lib file. So I flashed Xperia keyboard and it now works.
Home button works now. Woohoo!!
Camera works great, no green tint.

Only (so far) having issue with back button in play store.

Real nice @Curtis1973!!!
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