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Possible LGP500 software failure

hello guys,

Today i dropped my LGP500 in a small back-yard pool. I took it out immediately and let it dry out for a couple of hours.

There were a few problems after that with the touchscreen and other mechanics but it did boot and everything was ok, i even made a phone call.

a few minutes after that, the phone shut down and no longer wants to boot the OS.

It is simply stucked at the LG logo.

I've tried multiple ways to flash the firmware but i always run into the problem of not being able to find the country code for my country (aka Romania) as the LG firmware repository isn't loading for some reason.

Is there any way to get that code? thank you
Try this thread.


Be sure to read the entire step 5. If none of the links work, then try the link to the Indian firmware that I've included in the post. I dont think there will be much of a difference except some system apps. You can always uninstall unwanted system apps after rooting, and install the missing ones from the market.
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