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Possible to cast from Android smartphone to Chromecast 3 without use of dedicated WiFi/router


Nov 17, 2022
I got a Chromecast 3 for my Samsung "dumb TV" which is hooked up to the USB-port of the latter. When purchasing the Chromecast, I asked the seller in the store if it was possible to use it with the WiFi of my Samsung A5 (2017) smartphone (that is the integrated data plan of my phone's subscription). The seller responded quite doubtfully and ambiguously (as well as hesitatingly) that she "meant" that it wasn't a problem. If so, I could bring it back and get a refund. At home I realized that the Chromecast didn't work with the phone's data plan and after a bit of research, I found that a WiFi was required for making things work. So I got WiFi (fiber) and got the Chromecast set up and working - so far without any issues for a couple of years.

However, the WiFi is an additional monthly expense and - though nice to have - essentially not required if the Chromecast could be made to work with the data plan of the phone instead. So I did some more research, trying to see if there was a way of getting this done and stumbled upon the following article...


...in which there is a section headlined "Cast without a WiFi connection". This article is way back from June 25th, 2014 - so a bit outdated. However there is a mention of the possibility of selecting "Nearby Devices" and Chromecast without WiFi in some way. So I found the following page...


...from Google Chromecast support, explaining the steps for connecting without the use of WiFi, but there is no mention of what internet connection to use instead, nor does it say if it is possible at all to connect the Samsung/Android device and then use the same data plan/shared WiFi from the phone itself.

So the open question I am trying to get answered is still if there is any way or possibility at all to make the Chromecast work on my phone's own WiFi where both the phone and Chromecast share and use the same network at the same time (or if that article somehow is erroneous or outdated. If the former is the case, I'd be grateful to have someone explain to me what point it is that they are trying to make in said article).

I also would like to know if I could use my old Samsung Galaxy A5 as a Wifi/Router by popping a SIM-card into it and then making that function as an alternative Wifi so I could "save away" the regular Wifi (fiber) I am using now and connecting any device including the Chromecast 3 and my new Samsung Galaxy A53 to that smartphone instead. Would that be possible technically speaking?

Any help and input on the above is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
While I cannot describe from memory at the moment, I think I have used my hotspot allowance to cast to my Chromecast 2 on regular weekend hotel stays, though I've been home for several months now.

I assume you're talking about using your carriers tethering / hotspot allowance and not your mobile / cell data.

I will try again on my non wifi TV later, or tomorrow, but I found (if memory serves, and it often doesn't serve well) the Chromecast connects (already set up) to my phones hotspot and ideally I use a second phone to also connect to the same network and use that as the casting controller for You Tube, BBC i Player etc. Its not supposed to work but it did severally unless I'm forgetting something. It also worked with using just my main phone without the second device but not very often, or possibly if I used the hotel WiFi which would mean resetting the Chromecast which I avoid.

I also assume you meant you connected the Chromecast 3 to a HDMI port, and not a USB port.

(I don't have broadband wifi at home)
ALSO ADDED : I don't have Samsung devices, a Poco / Xiaomi 5g phone and a cheap Moto, but I think Samsung will have a generic Cast function)
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I can confirm that I can fully use my Chromecast 2 with a single smartphone, a high spec 2020 model Poco F2 Pro.

There's hardly any difference between the Chromecast 2 and Chromecast 3:

I have screenshots and photos of my 2012 Panasonic Plasma TV without wifi (it was an optional dongle).

The Chromecast is tethered to the Hotspot connection on my phone. I don't need a second device on the same WiFi to control the Home app, You Tube, photos etc.

IMG_20221118_022213.jpg Screenshot_2022-11-18-02-08-08-752_com.google.android.apps.chromecast.app.jpg Screenshot_2022-11-18-02-07-53-991_com.google.android.apps.chromecast.app.jpg Screenshot_2022-11-18-02-05-44-918_lockscreen.jpg IMG_20221118_020323.jpg IMG_20221118_020151.jpg Screenshot_2022-11-18-02-00-37-197_com.google.android.youtube.jpg
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This looks promising...!!

Nice. I'll try this out as soon as I get the time.

Also a big thanks to all the others in here, sending advice and even screenshots.

Thanks so much for helping out and pointing me in the right direction. :) Highly appreciated.

And apologies for answering a bit late but I was a bit tied up in the past days.

I'll report back here with the result.

Thanks to you all once again...!:)
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