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Root Possible to enable Lock Screen Shortcuts without Rooting?


Jun 28, 2013
I bought a new unlocked i8190 S3 Mini online to use in the US. When I turned on the phone it was in Dutch or Finnish language, so I think my phone is from one of those countries.

Anyhow, Lock Screen Shortcuts is completely disabled/missing on my phone. There's no settings for it. When I read the manual it states:
Lock screen options: Change the settings for the locked screen. These settings are
applied only when you set the swipe lock option.
Are you using a secure lockscreen? have you enabled the swipe screen?

If not, the only option without rooting is WidgetLocker

Thanks for replying. No I am not using a secure lock screen. Just the plain swipe to unlock one. If the swipe screen enable/disable option is different than the unlock option, I don't seem to have that.

My settings look like this:

Lock Screen
- Screen Lock
- - Choice of Swipe, Motion, Face unlock, etc.
- Lock screen options
- - Clock
- - Dual Clock
- - Weather
- - Help text
- - Camera quick access
- - Wake up in lock screen
- - Set wake-up command
- Owner information

Lock Screen Shortcuts should be listed under Lock screen options, but it's completely missing.

Would it be possible to download and install an official firmware from another European country that doesn't have the lock screen shortcuts disabled?
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