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Root Post Root/Rom Manager Install Questions


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Jul 6, 2010
I'm getting ready to install CM7 on my V............have a few questions:

Status: I have rooted, installed busybox, rom manager, and then the installed clock work recovery from rom manager. I also backed up 'everything' through titanium backup.


1)Busybox Installer, can I delete it? It takes up a lot of space and has updates constantly.
2)Do i need to install a special kind of recovery for CM7?
Once you flash the ROM, you won't have busybox anymore. You already installed the recovery from Rom Manager. Just do NOT install the ROM through Rom Manager!!! There are plenty of 'How To' in this forum to show you how to do that. Other than that you should be good. What ROM was you going to flash??

PS. Don't forget to make a backup in recovery (nandroid backup)
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yeppers, I do believe you can boot into recovery through Rom Manager. Do that and make your backup first. Put the ROM you want to use on the sd card and the gapps and figure out the theme after your all done. For ROMs, I suggest the BackSide or Bobzhome. You can go here to see the differences in the ROMs and to download them. I've got to get to bed but read if your unsure and good luck!!
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