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Post-Update: Clarification on the Swipe-to-Unlock feature


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Dec 10, 2009
Anyone who has received their update has undoubtedly been frustrated with the swipe-to-unlock screen. I have to try 3-4 times sometimes, when before I could do it with no problem. I got used to the old way, and the new way is driving me crazy! Sometimes I resort to pressing the Menu button, which is not nearly as cool :( haha...

Anyway, I am seeing a lot of posts in various threads about it, saying that you have to "start your swipe from the gray bar". Well I'd just like to note that this is not completely accurate. I've discovered that you can start your swipe from the middle of the screen (yes, a little ways above the gray bar).

Also, a quick little "flick" swipe will no longer work. You have to drag your finger all the way to the bottom of the screen (down to the black off-screen area) for it to unlock.

So, quick summary: Your swipe must start anywhere between the middle of the screen and the bottom of the gray bar. And your swipe must end at the very bottom 4 buttons. So just make sure you don't lift up your finger too soon, and you will be fine ;)

Try it out :D

Hope this helps! :cool:
From page 7 of the little book included with the phone. "Tips, Hints and Shortcuts"


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