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Help post-update issues


Mar 30, 2012

I recently updated my S10+ for the first time in 2 yrs. Now that the updates are all done, I'm having issues that my carrier says are not related to their service. The issues are:

1) I can only text 144 characters at a time. In the old days before you could text whole paragraphs, if your text went over the allotted amount, it simply broke it into two texts. Now, if I go over 144, it won't send the message at all.

2) I am unable to send/receive ANY media files. Yesterday I received an error msg stating "Attachment limit reached" while trying to send a standard gif. I do not come anywhere near my monthly data limit on my phone, and have currently used only 1/3 of my alloteed data.

3) The microphone cuts off in the middle of a verbal text
EDIT and also automatically activates when starting a new text.

I have contacted the carrier, troubleshot w/them over the phone, and visited a local store where a tech could have hands on w/my phone.

Can anyone explain what's going on and why these basic functions have been throttled.
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what text messaging app are you using? maybe try a different one.
I've got two apps both called "Messages" - neither one was downloaded (both came with phone). I'm using the same one I've been using for years - it allows me to text from my browser also, so I don't want to change it and lose that convenience. I paid a lot for this phone and it's functionality s/b awesome.

what kind of media files are we talking about? music? videos? mp4 or mp3's?
Since I can't receive the files, I can only guess. Typically I only receive photos or gifs.

what keyboard are you using? maybe try and wipe cache and data for the keyboard or any other app that you use speech to text with.
I was using the default swyping keyboard, but after all the updates the keyboard layout changed, and now I can't access keys I used to use - swyping still works. I haven't even been able to find where to select a keyboard since the updates (menus have changed significantly). :( Part of a troubleshooting process I did a week or two ago involved rebooting the phone to recovery mode & wiping the entire cache (which I did two separate times), so I don't think that's the answer.
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Try using the search function in the Settings for keyboard options.

Long SMS work with the latest Samsung software, so something must have got misconfigured on your phone. If the apps you use (the Samsung and Google ones by the sound, neither of which I use unfortunately) don't have any settings related to this try installing Textra temporarily. That has a setting to break up long SMS, which is what seems to be happening. So firstly see whether it can compose long SMS, then toggle the setting to check what happens, then with Textra set to send long SMS without splitting switch back to your preferred app and see what happens. A long shot perhaps, but costs nothing other than a few minutes. And if it doesn't work but Textra is able to compose long messages it will confirm that the problem is with your app (and if it isn't will confirm it's somewhere deeper). If the app is the problem you could try cleaning the app's data - you'd have to reset your preferences, but clearing an SMS app's data doesn't delete the messages (they are stored elsewhere, which is why you can swap SMS apps - if course back up if you want to feel safer, it's a good idea regardless if you have important messages).
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I've been in contact w/the carrier (Consumer Cellular) two more times (a total of 4 calls + one chat), and I've visited the tech at the local Target store in addition to posting here. CC tells me they've gone thru all their troubleshooting steps and they can't help me.

Currently all that is obviously wrong is that I can't send/receive texts over 144 characters, and I cannot send/receive images via text. This is crippling to my normal usage of my phone.

CC also says because my phone was originally a Verizon phone they believe it may no longer be compatible with their system and suggest that I purchase a new phone. Sorry but at almost $1,100 and only 2 1/2 yrs old & working perfectly until CC updated their network around 3 weeks ago, I'm not replacing the phone due to changes in their system!

Any further suggestions are welcome, including new carriers tho I don't want to go with any big-name corporations.
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