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Potential Power Saving Interference


Mar 21, 2023
Hi All,

I'm having an issue with my S21 (android 13).

I am using an app that gives redeemable points for the kilometers I drive with the phone faced down (FaceItDown - By Toyota).
In my old phone S8+ I had no issues, but with my S21 it frequently reports extremely low distance traveled.
I did a test using both phones on a a drive, the S8+ says 53Km, the S21 says 3Km!

I tried contacting the developer, bu go no response.

I am assuming it is a power saving measure, but have not been able to pin it down.
So far I have tried
- Switching off Power saving
- Turning off Limit apps and Home Screen
- Turning off adaptive battery
- Including FaceItDown in never sleeping apps

Any suggestions would be welcome.

I have timed the app and it seems to behave okay for durations less than 15 minutes.

Thank you,


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