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Power Draining apps

ok so the past 2 days I've been seeing a drop off in battery life and noticed that my Voice Calls is draining my battery more than the display.

the only things that I have changed recently that I can figure would have caused this would be that I have started using panda home, and handcent.

Voice calls are using about 35%
Display is using about 26%

... and both days I made 2-3 calls that were less than 10 mins a peice.

Today I was seeing the same thing, and I made 2 calls both less than 5 mins.

I stopped pandahome about 15-20 mins ago and went back to the base homescreen, and here's what I found:

Voice calls = 24%
Display = 30%

I'm hoping that Voice calls will go down even further now, but I can't explain why PandaHome would be draning power under Voice calls. Could Handcent be doing this as well? does anyone else use these both that can give me a little incite? thanks!
I am not sure if you have upgraded to 2.0.1 yet but I have noticed that my display usage has dropped to below my call usage considerably since the upgrade. On a good note, I have been using the phone and apps a considerable amount and last night I forgot to plug in my charger and I still have 50% battery after 18 hours of not charging. That is a significant improvement for me so that may be what was affecting the battery drain.
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This makes me suspicious about how supposedly tasks don't run power draining (and CPU consuming) processes when they aren't in use. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that half my apps were running a shit ton of little processes so they could launch faster. But - I'm not a coder. Maybe it doesn't even work like that. But with examples like you guys have given, just makes me suspicious, and it makes me a little more thumb happy around my Task Killer (which I hadn't even been using since reading a heated thread where people swore up and down that on Android it's completely unnecessary to kill background apps)
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I just got 2.0.1 this morning.

on 2.0.1 the screen auto sleeps faster on the lock screen, which is saving a decent amount of battery, and is probably why the display has dropped lower in battery usage. I'd say use it and keep an eye on the battery life overall. Voice calls for me definitely sky rocket up when I make calls, but see if thats causing your overall battery life to completely tank.
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I noticed that sometimes the Settings section that describes battery usage by apps is not exactly accurate. Some apps rely on system's built-in processes to run (apps that use GPS for example), so their battery usage won't show in full because those services would be included in the Android OS or Android System categories. I remember I installed WeatherBug, and my battery would last for less than 7 hours. When I went to Battery use to look if it's the app, it wasn't in there; however, I knew for a fact it was WeatherBug that was draining my battery.
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it would appear that for some reason the update seems to have wiped clean the OS's memory of my battery life because last night my phone said that I was at 15% battery for over 3 hours, and I was using it moderately the entire time.

... so I guess the monitoring continues to see if there is a problem or not.

I cleared the defaults on pandahome so that the home button would take me back to the original home screen, but now I see pandahome had an update so I'm thinking I might want to switch back to that tomorrow and see how it does. Does anyone know how to clear the defaults so that I can make the home button go to pandahome now?
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That is actually quite strange. I got 2.0.1 this morning and I downloaded Home ++ BETA today. I have actually been using my droid more than usual and it's been 8 hours since i unplugged it and i'm still at 60% battery, which is a significant increase in battery life compared to what i had in 2.0. I do not see why it's under voice calls, as I would think it's under the "pandahome" or the "display" tabs.
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