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Power saving mode and EVRC-B for Droid DNA?


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Apr 6, 2011
San Jose, CA
I switched from Sprint HTC One to Verizon HTC Droid DNA before the 14-day trial period ended. I have two questions and would appreciate any pointers.

1. Does HTC Droid DNA have a power saving mode like the HTC One? With HTC One, I could slow down the CPU clock speed to reduce power consumption. Can I do the same on Droid DNA?

2. Both Sprint and Verizon use CDMA. With Sprint phones, I can change the default vocoder to EVRC-B to get better speech quality. Can I do the same with Droid DNA on Verizon's networks?

EVRC-B is definitely noticeably better. I am a telecom/networking engineer who has been using CDMA phones for close to 20 years. In my opinion, the following link that contains the comparison of HTC One phones in Sprint and AT&T networks can be used for comparing EVRC/EVRC-B. EVRC-B is like the AT&T speech quality while EVRC is the standard Sprint/Verizon quality. Check it out:

HTC One Review - Watch CNET's Video Review - page 2

I just switched to HTC Droid DNA from HTC One yesterday. My Droid DNA is still brand new and so I cannot give you battery life comparison. But EVRC-B takes roughly twice amount of MIPS to encode. FWIW...
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