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htc droid dna

  1. CrackedLCD

    October 2015 security update for Droid Turbo

    I didn't see a thread about this anywhere and it kind of came out of the blue for me, when I happened to look at my phone this evening and noticed a strange icons alerting me that a software update had been deferred until I was connected to wifi (and a charger). It was a small download, only...
  2. H

    Root Why should I Root

    Hey, I know to most of you this sounds ignorant but honestly I am ignorant when it comes to this stuff. I just want to know exactly what rooting is and what the benefits are.
  3. B

    Help New charger and cable. Am I quick charging?

    Over the years my Droid DNA has been through multiple chargers. They would work for a couple months and then the charger would die, or the cord, or both. I finally bought a dual charger by Case Logic. One output is 1A/5V the other 2A/10V. I never used the 2A because I just didn't need to, I kept...
  4. N

    trying to root my droid dna

    ive been trying to root my droid dna for days now but non of the methods i have tried have worked. i havent been able to get s-off or unlock the bootloader. does anyone know of a reliable, up to date root method?
  5. S

    Help HTC DNA White Screen

    Hey guys, hoping someone can help me...my droid dna just stopped working - it loads to the white HTC screen but than shuts itself off and repeats the same behavior - it never actually loads the phone. I've been able to get into the boot menu, but choosing the recovery option does nothing...it...
  6. C

    Root Droid DNA

    So my battery life is really bad and I don't know why. It drops many percentages with me not even using it. I can't figure out why. So I decided maybe I can try rooting it to see maybe if it would help. Also it sounds really interesting and fun. I'm pretty new to it and so I read up some stuff...
  7. Skynet11

    Official HTC Droid DNA User Manual

    Skynet11 submitted a new resource: Official HTC Droid DNA User Manual - The official HTC Droid DNA User Guide Read more about this resource...
  8. F

    HTC DNA Camera issue after update

    Has anyone figured out a fix for this problem??? I wanted to give my phone to my daughter but without a camera it is almost useless. Very frustrated with this update problem. Tried factory reboot, didnt work.
  9. C

    Help Camera problems

    My camera is now stuck in front facing mode. I first noticed it when I opened up Snapchat and couldn't revert it back to the main rear camera. When I open up the camera app it defaults to being in front facing mode with a 2 second timer. I'm unable to flip it back to the rear camera and it's...
  10. C

    Help Battery and USB charging issues

    I've had my most recent DNA since June 13', and while I've never been thrilled with the batttery life, about 3 weeks ago I started having issues with my battery draining much faster than normal. In one instance I lost 15% of battery from less than 5 minutes of browsing my facebook newsfeed and...
  11. G.Armour

    Root Droid DNA stuck in Boot Loop

    A friend of mine asked if I could fix her DNA, it is stock, non rooted S-On. I can get it into boot loader and fastboot, but it will not go into recovery, it just kicks me back to the splash screen in a boot loop. Any help would be appreciated. Note: I know very little about HTC phones
  12. I

    Help Transferring Files to iMac

    Ok, this has probably been asked before, but it's late and I'm tired. So, blast me if you will for not using the Search function, but here goes nothing. I'm trying to transfer photos and videos from my Droid DNA to my iMac. I swear I've used Android File Transfer in the past, but this time...
  13. CrackedLCD

    Using AT&T or T-Mobile sim in a DNA?

    Has anyone tried using an AT&T or T-mobile sim in your DNA? I've seen several reports that this phone is sold completely unlocked by Verizon, and since it has built in GSM support it should work on both carriers' networks, minus LTE support. I'm interested in checking out AT&T coverage in my...
  14. gemmydn

    Help DNA WiFi only

    How can I use my DNA for only WiFi, I got the note 4 and gave my DNA to my hubby to use as WiFi only but it keeps trying to access 4G network
  15. J

    Help DNA on ATT mms not sending/receiving

    I recently got the HTC DNA and have it on ATT. Everything works great, EXCEPT I cannot send/receive MMS. I have verified all APN settings with ATT support, to no avail. It is running Android 4.4.2, HTC Sense version 5.5, software # 4.09.605.5.
  16. CrackedLCD

    Latest software update for DNA (late September/early October rollout)

    Looks like we've gotten another software update. This is upgrading to 4.09.605.5 and seems to be security minded. Looks like it closes a root loophole, does something with Softpay (formerly ISIS) and some sort of wifi indicator tweak. Has anyone gotten it yet? It was about 180 MB and...
  17. A

    Root Simple Temp Root

    My DNA is having wifi problems, and I have a warranty replacement on the way. I want to do a full Titanium Backup, but don't want to root my phone, and then have to go through the hassle of unrooting it before I send it back. I would like to just do a temp root so that I can back it up, then...
  18. markdoc

    Root Rooted Owners Beware

    I just read message from Google Search about an OTA Update for the DNA. The article said, " Verizon Announces DROID DNA Software Update That 'Resolves' Device Root Vulnerability And Does Some Other Stuff" dated September 25, 2014. You've been warned so be carefull. Good luck all, I'm closing...
  19. markdoc

    Screen quality in refurbished phones

    I recently started having problems with my DNA Droid. I called Verizon to get a refurbished phone. Verizon has changed it's policy. I have never been grilled like that before. They finally agreed to exchange the phone. I got the phone overnight. When I turned it on, the colors were off...
  20. markdoc

    Help HTC Sync Manager

    I installed the newest version of HTC Sync Manager. When I plug my phone into a USB Port, I can drag & drop files between my phone & laptop. I cannot get HTC Sync Manager to recognize my phone. It may have to do with the phone settings. Does anyone know what the "USB Network settings"...
  21. markdoc

    Phone Backup

    I was on the HTC website and ran across something interesting. It said that HTC Droid DNA has "Phone Storage". You can backup to the phone and if you do a hard reset, the backup remains. It isn't erased. Has anyone tried this, and if so, what was the outcome? (You can see this by searching...
  22. F

    Help Unrooted Droid DNA stuck in boot loop of death, trying to recover files

    I have an Unrooted DNA running Android 4.4.2 and sense 5.5. Last night my phone just automatically rebooted on me twice. The first time it came up, it got past the splash screen and into the OS, but before I had a chance to back up my data, it rebooted again. After that it's now stuck in a boot...
  23. T

    Help change File Association

    how do you associate a file to a program. ex - eDrw to Edrawings
  24. markdoc

    Help Problem with Device Administrators

    For a long time, I've had problems with my phones security. I use Webroot SecureAnywhere and the password protection keeps shutting off. Under the Security setting, the Device Administrators keep getting turned off too. Webroot thought it was other monitoring software, but I ((mor disabled...
  25. hilmar2k

    Retiring my DNA

    Well, my DNA has been relegated to backup/golf GPS device. It was a great phone, but its time had come to be retired, and retired it has been. It served me well, and it will always be remembered fondly. But....man is the G3 a sweet device. I tried to retire the DNA a couple months ago by...