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Pre Incredible/Post Incredible Data Usage

Hi everybody, I'm new to the forums and so far am loving the vast amount of stuff I'm learning from this site and what this phone can really do!

I just received my bill from Verizon for May and compared it to my April bill. I went from using 52MB of data on my Omnia to 545MB of data on my Incredible! I'm so thankful for the unlimited data :)

What was your data usage before and after you got your Incredible?
Isn't there really a limit of 5gig? Maybe I'm just imagining, but I thought that was the case for some reason.

There have been rumors floating around of a cap, but it's just that: a rumor. However, if you tether your phone with PDANet or something and suddenly your data use spikes to 7gb a month after never going above 700mb then VZW is probably going to notice.
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0 before, no data plan on treo
29M as of 5/15 est. only 2 weeks.

Jeez lol, why do you even have a smartphone then? Put that bad boy to use man!

Seriously... if you're only gonna do that much in 2 weeks, go get a jitterbug or something. :p

I have 743.6MB for the last billing period, but that includes usage from my new DInc and from my old Omnia as well, which wasn't used as heavily.
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