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Pre-ordered EVO, What to do with iPhone?


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May 13, 2010
So I've been pre-ordered for a while at RadioShack.

I have an iPhone 3GS in awesome condition (only a small crack by the charging port, the rest is pristine, no scratches). I have two options:

Wait for an unlock (should be out in early June, 7th to the 10th)

1. Sell it to RS: They should give me $400 cash upfront

2. Wait for the unlock, Jailbreak it and unlock it, sell it unlocked on ebay. Not sure what to price the phone at specifically, but I also have accessories.

I haven't sold anything on ebay and I Know it takes a while for the money to clear, plus ebay takes a chunk of what I get (not sure what percentage).

What do you guys think?
$400 cash up front is not bad. The problem with waiting for the unlock is that by then the new iPhone will may have been announced, which may drop the selling price for older models on ebay. I've bought and sold iPhones on Craigslist which I prefer because it's all cash and in person. Prices have dropped on 3GS's within the last couple months. Plus you have a crack on the bottom which means it's no longer covered by Apple's warranty since they see that as sign of a drop, so that drops your bargaining power.
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