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Preserving text messages when I ssitch from Palm Pre to EVO

Can't keep this Pre. I am ready to strangle the thing. There must be something I can do...

If it's for a legal battle, I would suck it up and keep it. Unless the phone itself is physically harming you, just keep the damn thing. Plus, if you do transfer text messages to another phone, I'm sure they won't hold up in court, as i could transfer txt's from any phone to mine and make it look like I sent them. So I would keep the original phone you sent the messages from.

Or call sprint and see if they can give you a printout of the messages. You may need to have your lawyer call to get them.
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I'm pretty sure Palm phones work with Blackberry Desktop Manager. I think you should be able to download it and save your text messages to the computer. I'm not sure if you'd be able to transfer them to a new phone though, you may just need to keep them on the PC.

Also, you can keep the Pre after you disconnect it. Surely it can be that infuriating that you'll strangle it when you stop using it.
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You can keep the Pre, just to preserve the text messages. Once your phone number is transfered to your EVO, just hold onto the Pre until your legal issues are done and resolved. You won't be using it as your phone anymore, but changing your phone number to a new phone won't erase the data that already exists on the Pre. Only way for that to go away is if you delete or hard reset the Pre anyway.
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