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Press and hold....


May 6, 2010
When I press and hold the quick search button on my desire, I was given the option to chose what app i want mapped to this key (I chose quick settings - very handy)....however when I press and hold the menu button anywhere I get a keyboard popping up which is frankly useless as when I need a keyboard there is always and easy way to bring it up. Is there any way to map other apps to other buttons such as the menu button or even the optical track button?

Thanks :)
I think only certain apps can make use of the feature. When i press and hold quick search with nothing mapped it comes up with the option to chose chompSMS quick compose, quick settings or google voice search. Go to the market and download quick settings and then try pressing and holding the button, a dialog should pop up asking if you want to map it.

If you do this and nothing happens then you have previously had something mapped to this button, maybe you forgot about it. The way to undo this old mapping is settings>applications>manage application....find the app that has been mapped (in my case was chompSMS), and select "clear defaults".
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