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PRL 3022 Screenshot!


Android Expert
May 9, 2011
Atlanta, GA
This is not my screenshot, it is actually:Jenna_Lenna, thank her for the screenshot!
Can QPST or workshop program read the prl from the phone and save to file? I see there is an option on the roam tab to Save to File... So if someone clicked Read from phone and then Save to File would that save the prl?? Was hoping maybe we could get Jenna_Lenna to try saving that 3022... There has to be a way. Any idea who originally found the 3020 prl and how they did it? I'm in st pete.
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I have 3020 but thanks, I hope someone that has 3022 can post it..with cdma workshop 2.7 it's easy to extract the PRL..if anyone needs to know how PM me.

Hey post the steps. Also can it be done in QPST? I know some other people in another forum website that have the 3022 that I'll post it too but I dont think any know how to extract it.
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Now that, is a freaking hax.

But the problem is, its not off an Ascend is it? Not all phones are capable of the same capacity, and I believe the PRL may differ depending on it.

Until an Ascend pops that number, I wouldn't dare mess with my already long awaited 3G, which came as a surprise with 3020. But as I've said before, friend of mine had freaking 3021 way before anyone I knew did.
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Hey post the steps. Also can it be done in QPST? I know some other people in another forum website that have the 3022 that I'll post it too but I dont think any know how to extract it.

I will post this guide which works for most android phones..let me know if it works for Ascend..you will need a program called CDMA WORKSHOP 2.7, I can't post the link here. You will also need to have the ascend usb drivers.

Download and install usb drivers for Ascend from here: ascend_usb_drivers.zip

On Phone Dial this code
A menu will pop up
Go to projectmenu -- Background Settings -- USB Port -- (select) Manufacture mode
Go To settings -- About Phone -- Status -- MEID (write down your MEID)

GO to whiterabbit's android site and enter your MEID and click on CALCULATE and this will give you your metro SPC code, write it down. android - whiterabbit.org

Make sure on Phone USB Debugging is on
Now On Windows go to device manager -- ports -- DBAdapter Reserved Interface
(Remember your COM PORT)

Now open CDMA Workshop and choose the port you took note of earlier...click connect. Open the security tab and enter the SPC in the box and click SPC then send.
Now go to Other tab and under the PRL section click on READ (Universal, NAM1), this will let you save the PRL to a .prl file on your PC. Save it and upload it here :).

Let me know if this works for you if not PM me with your error codes.
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whats the big deal with having 3022 if you guys having 3020? i know my buddys optimus m is running 3014 i belive but we dont have 3g where we live , only down here i work.

I have a flashed Samsung Fascinate on Metro with 3020 PRL, I live in Miami,FL but using this PRL I can only get 3G if I force "EVDO only" mode, not hybrid. In this mode, voice and data work, but I can't receive or send txts/mms. With the new 3022 PRL I believe 3G works normally, this is why we want this. I cannot do auto update by dialing *228, that only works if you have a metropcs branded android phone. If someone please follow the directions I posted above on how to extract your 3022 PRL, and share it with us.
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