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Problem linking facebook to contact


Dec 9, 2009
Okay, I looked allllll over for this but couldn't find a solution.

Two questions. How come some of my contacts, for some strange reason, automatically synced up with facebook, while others haven't?

I recently was going through and connecting a bunch manually, but then I noticed some of my friends wouldn't show up. Is it because they have high private settings on facebook or something? I don't think they have that.

Finally, can I have a nickname for someone as their contact name and still link them to their facebook?

*edit* Ah, just noticed something, when I'm trying to sync up a contact and it asks me to link a friend, I typed "chris" and I now have a TON of numbers, no more than four. As I scroll through them I can see pictures of some people I know but thats it. Whats goin on here?

*edit* Okay, I just figured it out. I typed the name of a friend all the way, got a four digit number remaining and clicked on it. When it synced the contact to the random 4 digit number it was synced to the right one. I'm actually gonna assume those were the number in some database of what number friend they are on my facebook since I have a few thousand. Glitch?

the facebook app really only syncs the pics and basic updates not much more. it's more of a crapshoot to get it to sync right you have to spend time tweaking your contacts till they all sync.

hope this helps

From what I have seen, they will only sync if your contact name and the facebook name are the exact same. Most married women on facebook have both their maiden last name and their married last name ... so you would need the same in your phone. I had very very few automatically sync, and had to do the rest manually.
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auto sync without matching up one time? I thought you had to select the fb contact one time to match up with a local contact. I am able to name the local contact anything I want and once clicking the FB field it pulls up FB contacts and you select the right one. After that I'm not sure but I suppose it could update but I haven't noticed.
Now that I think about it I wouldn't want it to auto sync up passing my local list back and forth to FB. If it checks contacts I've already linked when I actually use the contact that would be fine but FB has no right to see my other contacts.
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