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Help Problem receiving SMSs (at night?)


May 19, 2010

I'm having an issue with my HTC Desire on O2 UK, and receiving texts. I found that they weren't coming through, and then suddenly popping through in batches. I thought it was perhaps because I'd been using a task killer on the app, but I've now stopped doing this, and still have the same problem.

I did realise though, that this tends to happen in the morning, and with texts from the night before (say from 10pm and later). Two times this week, texts sent about midnight have popped up at 9am (just after I exit the tube). Is there some setting I've got enabled that stops them coming through at night? Or is this just coincidence?

And if it is coincidence, is there something I can do toi stop it happening?
I'm bringing this thread back up again, because I'm noticing the same problem once again. I don't think it had necessarily stopped, it was just that people weren't sending me texts in the evening.

I have the impression now that it seems to be that I don't receive texts, and then they come through in batches, when I am at home. For example, last night, a friend sent me a message at 9:18, which arrived at 11:20. I replied, and got another message from him straight away, that had gone through properly. I replied, and then received nothing before I went to sleep, but when I woke up this morning there were another two texts, sent at 11:39 and and 11:57.

When I am at home, my phone will never go on HSDPA, it will only show the G symbol (though the signal strength is usually showing three bars out of four). I don't seem to have the problem at work or elsewhere, where it shows H all the time. Could the fact it's only showing G be an issue here? I'm on the Wifi at home, so internet-wise it makes no difference - in fact, I'm using WebSMS and fishtext to send the majority of the messages I'm sending.

Is there any possibility that having WebSMS on the phone (though not using it to receive) could be causing any issues?

As was suggested, I'm assuming it's to do with the signal in some way, or rather the fact it will only go on G. I did, however, never have this problem on my Nokia before I got the Desire in May - I also got a new SIM at the time, is there any way this could be the problem? I did notice in a review of the HTC Wildfire, that the reviewers there noted the same problem with that phone.

Any help much appreciated, would value any suggestions of things to try, even if it's just to confirm exactly what the problem is.
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This isn't a network problem, Ive been suffering with exactly the same thing on my desire on Orange UK. It also appears on the vodafone forum pages so it could easily to be with the phone. I contacted HTC about the problem and they said they couldnt help, they recommended a factory reset which doesnt help and to upgrade to 2.3 software, which hasn't been released on the desire yet. It may be the app killer software as I also use that, although I rarely use the app so it is unlikely.
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