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problem starting a call

im guessing that this problem is human error since i cant seem to find any evidence of others having the same problem, but here goes.

here is an example of the problem i am having

i want to call a friend, so i open the phone and it shows my call history with the dialer in front to start with.

the person i want to call happens to be in this list so i click on their name. the phone highlights it green for a sec while i push it, and then does nothing. it seems to me like this should start the call, but idk. no matter how times i try, single click doesnt do anything on this start page.

if i long click, it opens options, none of which are "call".

if i actually open the call history page then singe click works to start a call.

what am i doing wrong?
I'm experiencing the same issues with my hero also, my carrier is sprint... i called them and they sent me out another device. once, i got that device activated it started again with the same exact issues. They still do not know why i'm having these issues. But, all i can tell you is that you are not doing anything wrong.
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