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Help Problem transfering folders to my tablet


Oct 10, 2021
Hello everyone,

I recently bought my first tablet and I have a problem, I don´t know if it's a bug, or just the way android works (I don't know much about software).

The thing is I bought this tablet only to study, so I need to transfer a lot of files and folders from the computer. When I organized the first bit of books, notes, exams and stuff in the computer, I transfered them to the tablet.

When I saw those in the tablet, they were completely disorganized. And I don't mean the order, I know I can change that easily. But all the folders that were inside other folders appeared outside those folders, and I didn't found a way to put them back in their place automatically, just manually.

I'll try to clarify this with an example. I have a folder called "1". Inside that folder I have "1.1", "1.2","1.3", and so on. Inside each of those folders I have "1.X.1" "1.X.2", etc. The thing is that when I open the folder "1" in the tablet, it appears all folders, not only "1.X" ones. but also all the "1.X.X" ones. And when I enter a "1.X" folder, there is nothing inside, all folders came outside for some reason. After that, I looked the files in the computer, and they were right, but in android appears disorganized.

Obviously, if there is no solution, I would organize them in the tablet from now on. But I would really like to be capable of organizing them in the computer, because is much easier for me.

P.D.: Sorry for my english, I hope you can understand everything.
computer folder.GIF
tablet folder.jpg
Nevermind xD just when I finished the post, I realize that maybe the documents folder works that way. I put the files directly into the internal storage and everything's fine.

Edit: I don´t eliminate the post because I couldn't find answers on the internet, so maybe this helps somebody.
well i'm glad you resolved your issue. just curious as to what file manager app on your tablet are you using?
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well i'm glad you resolved your issue. just curious as to what file manager app on your tablet are you using?

The one I'm showing in the image is the predetermined that came with the tablet (Samsung Galaxy Tab A7). But before I made the post, I downloaded another file manager app with good reviews and showed the same issue. So I'm thinking that it's something related with Android itself, or at least many file manager apps works the same way, taking out all folders from other folders to show all documents (thing that is stupid to me, but whatever).
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You can always copy the folders to your SD card inserted into the computer, keeping the file structure intact, then putting the card into your phone

The file structure is not the issue. When I checked the files on the tablet from the computer they were perfect. Its the tablet that shows them differently as they are storaged inside. But it's only with the predetermined "Documents" folder, so probably your solution would work too.
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