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Help Problem with 'messages' app


Sep 1, 2011
Hey guys,

I have a htc Wildfire S, and I'm having a problem with the 'messages' app that comes with the phone. It's that all the SMS messages I get come under the actual phone number (+44...) rather than the name of the person they're from, despite the fact I have all the numbers saved to peoples names in the 'people's app. This just means it's a major annoyance when it comes to working out which messages are from whom! Anyway any suggestions would be fantastic, and thanks in advance.
I had the same problem despite neatly organising all my contacts in the 'people' app. However I have managed to fix the problem by removing all of the numbers from my SIM card so that the only contact information that is on the phone was already transferred from the SIM or from Facebook etc. :)
Just to note that I had already deselected the 'view sim contacts' in the wildfire S settings.

Hope this helps too
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