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Help Problem with pretty much all recorded video/sound files and images being corrupted


Dec 23, 2013
Android Version: 4.0.3
Network: EE/Orange
Taskiller Used?: I have no idea what this means
[Optional]Are You rooted & which Rom: No
Issue: I have an issue that when I record video or sound, or take an image, more often than not the file is corrupted - it has the file size which would be expected, but cannot be opened, and other than the file size there is no other information available (in the case of videos, for example, it is usually possible to see how long the video is within its properties). For the images, the pixel resolution is described as -1 x -1, which is presumably bad. I would really appreciate any advise you might have to offer.

Kind regards
Hi Thomas, and welcome to AF :)

I see that you have a Desire C, rather than a Desire, so I'll ask someone to move this thread to the Desire C section. I've never met this problem myself, but maybe someone with that device will have done so.

Have you tried clearing data for the camera app? Just in case the app settings are messed up in some way. I don't think it's that simple, but it's all I can really think of. If you are saving the images to the SD card, have you tried a different card (though the pixel resolution information makes me suspect it isn't a card problem)?

BTW a task killer is an app which tries to "free memory" by killing apps in the background. The sometimes call themselves memory optimisers or RAM savers, but they do the same thing. They are a bad idea, interfering with the normal operation of the phone and degrading performance, so we don't recommend them, but it's useful to know if someone is using one.
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Thank you for moving the thread to the correct forum, and yes I am using an SD card. I have tried clearing various caches and have formatted the SD card many times.

I have since tried saving files to the phone's [somewhat limited] internal storage, and the files were not corrupted. Also, I just tried a different SD card and the files have not been corrupted. The logical conclusion seems to be that the SD card I had been using is broken in some way, although there were no errors when it was repeatedly formatted. Incidentally, the SD card is a 64GB one, and a friend told me that the Desire C might not be able to "cope with" an SD card of that capacity, which I thought was fairly odd, but maybe he was right.

It is also worth noting that files transferred to the SD card from a computer work perfectly well.

Also thanks for clearing up what a task killer is.
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According to the spec page on gsmarena, the max SD Card the Desire C can take is 32gb: HTC Desire C - Full phone specifications

However, I don't recall seeing that issue with other handsets around the forums (I could be wrong there though).

There's an app called h2testw, you could try running that to see if the card is corrupt/broken in anyway. H2testw Free Download
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