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Help Problem with stock widget


Feb 10, 2011
Hi guys..... I just saw on a different thread that a someone that has the HTC Desire has a issue with the stock widget display that uses Yahoo. I am currently having the same problems with the values not being shown correctly or hidden. Any of you evo fans having the same problem??
I'm having the same problem with my HTC Eris. It worked for 10 months then recently the problem began. I contacted HTC. They said "I understand that the percent change value is not rounding off and is causing you to not be able to see the index value.

Unfortunately Robert, the stock Percent change value does not round off on all three of the Droid Eris' that I tested here also. Therefore there is nothing that can be fixed either through technical support of through a software update.

I do apologize Robert, for any inconvenience that this may cause you."

They don't seem to realizeit's not just an Eris problem. Hopefully they'll figure out it IS a problem on their end.

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