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Problem with Uber app


Sep 20, 2011
A few weeks ago I got a new phone. I installed the Uber app right away and added funds to my Uber cash wallet through a one-time purchase using the card I have on file no problem. Now when I try to add funds to my wallet this way, when I tap on wallet, add funds, one-time purchase, nothing happens. When I tap on the link, I hear the clicking sound, but absolutely nothing happens like the link is dead. the other two links under add funds, auto refill and gift card, work just fine, and thankfully there are several stores in my town that have Uber gift cards that I can buy to add funds to my wallet, but the one-time purchase link does nothing. I tried un-installing and re-installing the app several times and even completely clearing my phones cache, but the problem still persists. I messaged Uber through the help link and they were useless and responded with an answer that completely ignored my question. What can I do? Has anyone else had this problem? is this a problem with the app or the phone? I have a Samsung Galaxy A51 5G UW.
its more likely a problem with the app on your phone and not the phone itself. there really is not much else you can do, other then wait for uber's dev team to contact you. its most likely that there is an issue within the app that is not working specifically with your phone. not all phones are the same, so devs have to adjust the app specifically to each phone out there, so there just maybe only issue with your specific phone model.
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